Monday, November 24, 2008

How an Accident was an Act of God.......I Believe in Miracles!

I have two people in my life I love dearly, but constantly butt heads together..........Rosie and Johnathan (my fiance). Both of them are stubborn and have a had time realizing that understanding each other, is not the same a necessary agreeing with one another. Both feel that it's the other person responsibility.

Sunday, I had ENOUGH! I seriously wanted to knock their head together. I told them so. They need to work this out amongst themselves are I was done.

Johnathan got angry, Rosie was angry, and I was angry. Johnathan and I talked for a minute and got nowhere, except hurt me more. I grabbed the kids and headed of to to Grandma's house, to give us a break.

Be careful how you pray. I was so upset I asked God to help Johnathan have a change of heart. I prayed that he would realize that he missed us and that he would come over to Grandma's and ask us back, or at least call.

After words I called my soon to be sister-in-law and she asked me to come over. I decided to do that and turned up the next street I could. I headed back home, to visit with Laurie. I was pretty much the only vehicle on the street, being that is was Sunday afternoon about 2:00 p.m. I noticed a vehicle a stop sign, but since I didn't have a sign, I kept going.

I was driving approximately 35 mph. Next thing I know I was hit. This girl hit the corner of the front passenger side of the van. It's a pretty bad hit, she totalled both vehicles. I have pictures, I'll post them when I get the adapter I left at work.

Act of God?

My daughter Rosie usually is sitting upfront with me, seat belt on of course! Her side of the van was were most the impact was. That door had been pushed in so hard, it is against the seat. This Sunday though, Sabrina (for the first time) figured out how to unbuckle all her car seat straps. Rosie, for some reason, went back to strap her in. She had finished the last strap, just as we go hit.

All the girls appear to be okay. Sabrina received a small abrasion on her ear. Olivia shows no injuries at this time. RoseMarie has started complaining about her back hurting and she has a small bruise on her back.

I got the worst of it, but so far I managing with the medications I am on. I have severe whip lash, goose egg on my noggin, bruised legs and a pretty big bruise one of the arms.

So how is this a positive thing in my life?

My daughter listened to the Holy Ghost feeling that directed her into the backseat. My testimony has grown through this accident. I know that God takes care of us. By the grace of God, my children are alive and so am I!

Johnathan realized that he wants to be a part of our family, and he doesn't want us to leave. He is far from being perfect, but he has started on meeting us half way!

Life is all about learning, when we refuse to learn, we might as well die.

If this seems written a little loopy, sorry, but I am a little loopy.

Oh, I also won some Jazz tickets and through my pain managed to go to the Jazz game earlier this evening. Jazz lost by one point :(. I took Johnathan, Rosie, Randy and my Grandparents. It was a new thing for both Randy and Rosie. My Grandparents are pretty big fans of the Jazz and enjoyed it. I enjoyed what I didn't doze though, and Johnathan was glad to be with me. (He's not huge on the sport thing)

So yes, this is my FOURTH accident this year. Third totalled cars! I am about ready to quit driving! At least only ONE of the accidents were my fault.

Till the next time--------


Heidi Ashworth said...

Holy cow! Fourth this year! My goodness . . glad everyone is okay!

Abra said...

Glad everyone was okay! Seriously, you need drivers ed ;)
Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.
Love you!

Abra said...


Anonymous said...

I am glad things didn't turn out worse than they did. I definitely believe in miracles and that was one! You're a great person Kelline! I am getting to know that through your posts and your family.

Nancy said...

I'm glad everyone was "okay." :)

David said...

You accident magnet you. This is a bad habit to get into...

I'm glad you're alright.