Monday, November 3, 2008

M.I.A. (a mother's worse fear)

Okay so I'm going on blog overkill today, but I wanted to blog on my missing child story, in response to my mom's posting on her blog. (Also I feel guilty about not blogging this weekend)

Matthew was in Kindergarten, Rosie in first grade, and Andrew in preschool. This was BTT (before the twins).

I was out running errands and knew I had to be home by a certain time to meet Matthew's kindergarten bus. I rushed home and got there about the same time the bus should have been pulling up. I waited and waited. Rosie got home, still no Matthew. Andrew got home, still no Matthew. I called the school, by now it was about 20 minutes after he should have been home. The school informed me that the buses had all gone home and he should have been dropped off already. I started checking around in the house. Checking all mounds of blankets, in toy baskets thinking he might have fallen asleep somewhere? My phone rang and it was the bus driver informing me that Matthew had been dropped off about a half hour EARLIER then he was suppose to be, because a lot of children were absent that day. Matthew was MIA for about an hour.

I prayed like my mother and father taught me. No answer. I called my grandma, and after talking to her, hung up and was ready to call the police. Just as I dialed 9-1-1-, my other line rang. I answered it. It was the school. Matthew was at another house about 10 blocks down the street.

(Matthew had some learning struggles and was in a special school that was attached to an elementary school)

I drove down to where the school had said he was at, and found him with a kind lady who had a bunch of kids of her own.

Matthew had been dropped off at our house. Seeing nobody was home, he figured he would walk to daycare. Both were on 500 east in SLC, our house was about 1500 South, daycare was about 3400 south. He had made it past 2400 South. Then a bus driver spotted him walking and thought he was a little young to be out by himself. She stopped the bus and knocked on the lady's house because she had a bunch of kids, and figured he'd be safe. The lady searched through Matthew's backpack and found papers from the elementary school that was attached to his school.

What took so long was that the school didn't have Matthew registered as a student, so they had no clue who he was.

Thankfully the connection was made and he was safe and sound!


Myrna said...

Yes, I remember this. So frightening!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing so frightening than having a lost child. I lost Anthony in a big store once and couldn't find him for 15 minutes, and that was bad enough. But you had a city to scour. I'm so glad things turned out as well as they did.