Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Ramblings The Day After..........

Yesterday I utilized my right to vote. I among my closest friends was really the only one that did. I know politics are not the most interesting of all the topics, however I choose to be somewhat informed.

I can say today I a proud to have voted for the first black American President. I feel honored to be able to witness this event.

My daughter Rosie, was about four years old, and being raised in Utah, she hadn't seen many black people. We moved into a new ward and in her class there was a little black girl. I didn't notice anything, until when we got home from church, my daughter asked me if it was okay that "girl's name" was her friend. I told of course, why couldn't she be her friend? She told because her skin was brown.

I told her that we all have different skin colors, but when we bleed we all bleed red.

This morning my daughter made a point of bringing up that saying. How awesome was this election? My daughter has never known segregation, has more Hispanic friends than not, has a teacher that encourages culture and learning knew languages. She witnessed the first women to try and win for president, and the election of the first black American president.

Change is good.

I also learned that over 90% of the promises politicians make, are followed through.....they just get a bad rap.

There are American Americans, you all know someone who is like that. Closed minded, arrogant fools that think the world is theirs and only theirs. They see only the red, white and blue, and believe that everyone should too.

What's funny is that they have forgotten. They have forgotten where most have come from. They don't realize how functional the rest of the world is.

I read a lot. My favorite fictional books are historical fiction. I read stories about people's lives, how it was to live through slavery, immigration, holocaust, and what not.

Stories about women who wanted the right to vote, and were denied time after time. Then they could vote, only if they had a property deed with their name on it! Yet there are women today that say who cares?

It is a matter of the lessor of two evils..............but at least we have a choice.

That's what our fore-fathers fought for, the right to chose our government, not live under dictatorship. We can speak our minds and wear what we want. We have the freedom to be what we want to be, live where we want to live, do what we want to do.

I'm sad that no one I know seems to care......

Most of us look forward to the day that we get our Driver Licenses. We enjoy that privilege, but how many look forward to being able to take part in choosing who runs our cities, counties, governments, or country? That to is a privilege that not everyone gets.

I laugh at the "American Americans". The immigrants I know from Hispanic descent, are honored when they can vote. The projection is that more and more Hispanic US citizens will be here in US. How much of an influence will that have on our government? They realize the importance of voting, and what an honor it is to be "American".

I am proud to live here in United States, where I have water daily (sorry Nancy), where my kids have a chance to go to college, even when I can't pay their way, where I can vent freely about my views on the government, where I can search freely on the Internet, (China is censored).

I love Canada too, and hope one day that the US will have a medical program similar........I lived both places, and am from both places..........

I am rambling a bunch of thoughts.

But I'll close with this:

"Knowledge is only blocked by Ignorance"