Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween from my goblins to yours!
Sabrina wanted no part in posing for the pre trick or treating photo op! I can't get over Rosie's costume this year. Can that creepy thing be my daughter? BTW the twins are butterflies.Okay enough with these pictures, seriously where's the candy?Sabrina on the go as usual! Mom I am outta here!If you can look closely, Olivia is trying to hands on some of the decorations. It took us over an hour to do one block! Each house one of the twins were trying to touch the decorations. Rosie floating by!
Twins were busily eating some scones at this house. They were made to order, and just what we needed. Yum!
This is Sabrina and Rosie walking to another house.

The twins at first were skeptical about knocking on doors. The sad thing is by the time they caught on, Rose and I had enough! They have enjoyed the last couple of days eating candy. I put the candy up high, I thought. Johnathan swears that they have a hidden stash somewhere in the house. It seems every time we look at them they have a piece of candy. I am not sure where they get it from, unless they have a secret stash........

(OH if you have trouble distinguishing the twins, Olivia has the purple bag and Sabrina the green one.)


Nancy Heiss said...

Rose's costume is pretty scary looking!

Have you already moved to Herriman?

Anonymous said...

Yes and no, we will be out of our house the end of Nov.

We have had some issues with the landlord.

I'll blog more later....

Abra said...

Kids sure look cute! Rosie looks so old :( but beautiful!