Friday, November 21, 2008

Face it I live in the real world!

I know there are some of you mothers out there, that have the "magazine" look to their houses, children, husbands, cars and what not. More power to you, but I live in the real world.

I like to escape for a minute and open a magazine, look at the air brushed people (I hope that's true, if not don't burst my bubble), the cars with shiny paint, perfectly clean and dressed children, playing know those pictures.

Then I hear a crash! Welcome to MY world....

My legs hurt so bad I can barely walk, when I do my hips are sore, my hair needs a cut about 6 months ago, a few highlights too (hides the grey), my hips could stand to loose a few pounds, my nails need to be filled.........

Sabrina has stripped down to nothing but her diaper, and is hunting for either a pair of my heels I can't wear or some dress to wear. She loves to layer her clothes with as many dresses as she can get off the hangers......Olivia senses the need to overturn every item in her bedroom, I still haven't decided what she looking for.......Rosie is making something in the kitchen, what? it doesn't matter. All I know its guaranteed to make a mess and cause arguments while she has do everything.

My $50 couch and arm chair is still outside covered with a top, poor Johnathan has been too tired after to bring it table is outside on my porch waiting to be put kids eat their mini pizza meal on a small kiddie table I have.......on my pink the living room.

I have almost no spoons because we're teaching the twins to put their dishes in the sink, and the think we mean the garbage. Plates I can see, but always forget to dig the spoon out. My cupboards a mess, no one ares if a spend a day organizing them, they like scavenger hunt in the kitchen I guess.

My shower curtains torn, I bought a new one and I can't open the rings, my hands hurt too bad.

So while my life on the out skirts looks like its in shambles.......

I get home from work and am greeted by my girls with showers of hugs and kisses. I make an easy meal, let the dishes soak, and snuggle with the girls to watch Hanna Montana or Suite Life. I watch Sabrina model every dress she has, and then find out I have to wash them because she also found a chocolate bar!

My girls, my house, may not be perfect, but they both make me happy.


Heidi Ashworth said...

You have pink carpet! I'm jealous! I'm wondering why you hurt so much and I am too lazy to find out just now--do you have fibromyalgia (I do) or arthritis or something?

Kelline said...

I have fibromyalgia.