Monday, November 10, 2008

A Mother's Strength

I thought I'd post my full poem I wrote

A Mother's Strength

A tired head laid down to rest
Overwhelmed was the stress.
No one could see; the tears on her cheek.
Amidst all the winter bustle and cheer
She stood all alone, no one could hear.
Worries falling with each tear,
Trembled down the sadden face.
How could life come to such place?
Full of pain and such sorrow-
Was there hope in tomorrow?
A disapproval from every eye,
Made her stifle a humble cry.
No matter what her reach,
Or what was in her dreams,
Life threw her to her knees.
Could the heavens hear her plea?
Cloudy were the skies
Could the pray squeeze by?
The bustle and fuss grew still.

Mother, I can see,
How heavy your heart is hung.
Troubles do upset you,
As strong as you be.
I place my hand in yours,
So that both of us can feel.
Alone we felt a chill,
United strengthen warms.
I know that I am young,
But by you I came to be.
Regardless of our ways ago,
Or where we may wind up.
Your life's turmoils long and hard,
Will help my soul to grow.