Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged By Dunhaven

I've been tagged by a new blogger friend Heidi. She said either one, so I'm picking weird unknown facts..........I think I needed to do 7 or 8.

I do 8, and my brain is a little mushed today, so bare with me.

1. I got to pick my own name when I was a preschooler. I had way cool hippie parents that called me hey kid, until then! (Just kidding) They were cool, but I had a name, it was Kelley and everyone thought I was a boy. So instead I picked a name that now I have to spell time and time again, nobody can say it right, but they always remember.

2. People thought I was a boy when I was younger. I am not a girly-girl. I don't wear makeup, seldom brush my hair, and could care less about designer labels. When I was a kid, I couldn't stand my hair touching my ears. I hated it! Kind of funny, because I have incredibly long hair now.

3. I am a shoe alcoholic! I have about 100 pairs of shoes and I can't stop collecting them. The sad thing is I can't wear most of them, because I am not suppose to wear heels. I love them, and my daughter (1 & 1/2 sizes behind me) is eagerly casing out her assumed inheritance!

4. I am a great cook, when I want to be. I don't like the time involvement. The more time it takes the grouchier I get. I hate baking. I actually walk away from cooking, not even wanting to eat. I am so dreading this Thanksgiving.........

5. I love to host parties. I tend to go overboard, but my kids think I throw the best Easter, 24th of July, and Halloween parties. (This is being back in grade school, but I have bragging rights this years party) I do feel bad for the little girl involved, but not much I can do about it.

Story Break:

Pretty much every year I throw a Halloween party. This year no exception. Rosie hands out invites to her entire grade as well as our friends and families. A lot of people, you'd think, however we only get about a turn out of 30, including adults, so really it's not that bad. I also get the "done good" feeling knowing that no child was left out!

This year was no exception, we planned it handed out the invitations, and later on that week another girl in the grade, someone who my daughter thought was a friend, handed out invites for the same night! My daughter was so worried. I reminded her that most her friends had been to several parties of ours and they always said they had fun. I told her not to stress too much about it, things always have a way of working out.

Night of the parties, most of Rosie's friends showed up! We had about 24 kids outside our family and we had a blast. The other little girl had nobody from school show up. (A couple other factors she lives outside school boundaries and hadn't invited as many friends.)

6. I want to do community theatre one day. I love acting, but with my kids can't commit much to a play. One day, I'll fulfill this dream! I may end up being the granny, instead of the young girl, but I still steal the show.

7. I am a cheap-o. I have a gift to find the clearance items, the sale items. I should run my own TV show, but then I'd have more competition. I have spent $300 dollars on Christmas this year and you'll be surprised. I found some gifts for 10 cents! I will give you a tip. Start looking in January.

8. Last but not least. I am an ice cream alcoholic. Not only do I love ice cream, I really enjoy eating it. My parents have several videos of me in younger years, with almost a seduction look in my eyes as I am eating ice cream. I still get that way sometimes, but I avoid cameras now!


Heidi Ashworth said...

This was so fun! Thanks for doing it--I adore ice cream, also, esp. melty chocolate ice cream. If it isn't melty enough, I'll zap it in the micro for awhile. I was doing this for years before I found out my twin sister does the exact same thing. Hey, I'm glad that someone will get to wear those shoes--I love them too! Hey, do me a favor and click my follow this blog button if you haven't already. Thanks!

Myrna said...

You would make a great character actress--and I think those parts are ever so much more fun than leading lady roles.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know most of this stuff about you! It goes to show, that there are always more secrets to reveal!!! I have plenty in my stash. ;)