Monday, November 10, 2008

Quirks.....tagged by my sister......

My sister, Nancy tagged me with listing 8 quirks about myself.

1) It really bugs when someone says or asks a obvious question. Like when I'm in the middle of cleaning the kitchen and someone walks in and states the kitchen needs to be clean.....really? Thanks for letting me know. Or when I am holding a diaper and the wipes, trying to convince a two-year-old to lie down and get her bum changed and someone says.....Olivia/Sabrina needs a diaper change...........

2) It bugs me when people see the negative in things and starts their stories with.....Someone did this to me. I guess I feel that we always have some part in everything. I am not perfect yet in this, but I try.

3) I have to have my closet organized by dresses, skirts, long sleeve blouses, short sleeve, tank tops, dress pants.

4) My movies have to all face the same order.....with 2-yr old twins....I can go nuts....

5) When I wear boots, my socks usually don't match...... shhhh.....that's a secret!

6) I seldom brush my hair.

7) I have to take a shower every morning or else I am dazed the whole day.

8) I love peanut butter on a spoon dipped in sugar. I did this growing up and recently found out my grandma does the same thing!

I now tag......mmmmmmm.......Andrew (Nancy's Hubby), Kym, Arrika, Maryanne, David, Shannon, Rosa, and Mary.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelline! Now I have something to write about tomorrow! It was fun to learn these funny quirks about you too!