Friday, November 21, 2008


Matthew is almost 10 years old. He and Rosie shared the same due date, Jan. 5th. He came about a week early. He is the only child I could actually say I laughed out, and there were plenty of witnesses that could testify to that.

When Matthew was born, he looked like a serious old man. He'd wrinkle up his forehead and stare intensely at things. He was bald on top, but had a ring of hair. He was a cute baby and survived his sister's attempts to "hide" him.

Matthew is a quiet, creative child. He loves to make all sorts of experiments! I haven't figured out why, but when I was on bed rest with the twins, he decided to see how many water bottles he could fill with pee. I found out about that one, thanks to ladies in the ward coming out to help clean house.

How many water bottles CAN Matthew fill with pee? 12, until busted by mom........

Matthew loves video games. Thanks to his father he is able to get really good at them. He also enjoys to go fishing and camping with family and friends. He likes Monster Trucks and racing. He enjoys crash-up Derby's.

He is my little man. I miss seeing him sometimes, since he lives with his dad, but he is turning into such a gentleman.

A couple of years ago, Matthew gave the biggest Mother's day card. It read: I love you so much Mommy, even if you do hurt me sometimes. I was shocked, a little embarrassed, but it was cute.

I shouldn't beat my kids, but its out of habit. At least I stopped using chairs.........

He tried making a snack by himself in kindergarten. He put oatmeal in the microwave and cooked it for about 10 min. He forgot to put water in it........ Since then he's stuck with P&J sandwiches and has never had issues.

(I truly don't beat my kids, I promise.)


Heidi Ashworth said...

My Little Guy has discovered the joy of filling bottles with pee, as well. Today I discovered him buck naked standing on the toilet--with the seat up, so just the rim--dancing around in front of the mirror. I think he needs a creative outlet.

Myrna said...

I feel deprived--I don't think my little boys ever filled bottles with pee!

But I had a little girl who used to dance around on the rim of the toilet! (She of this blog, in fact! :o)

Abra said...

Maybe Kai would use the toilet if I let him pee in water bottles? Actually, it's not the peeing he has issues with... um, nevermind, I think we all just got a nasty picture.