Monday, November 10, 2008

Ear Aches and Stuffy Noses

As some of you know, Sabrina is a child who has suffered endless ear infections and stuffy noses. She had tubes put in just before her 1st birthday. She has puffiness under eyes from sinus fluids and just has struggled when it comes to colds.

She has one more month to improve or the doctor will have to drain her sinuses for her and at the time he'll also remove her adenoids. We are trying her on a nasal spray for this next month and also sending her to an allergist.

Please keep her in your prays, so much for her at this young age! She knows doctor offices too well. She sits so good for the doctor to look into her ears, nose and throat; she doesn't even cry!
After its all done she patiently waits by the nurse's station to receive her sucker and sticker. What a little trooper I have!

She got bored waiting for the doctor so she started coloring a cup I found.

What a good artist....this is a face!


Myrna said...

I hope that everything you are trying will work!