Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back to reality.....

Okay, I survived the accident, still sore and bruised, but life is returning to somewhat normality?

I need to set up a desk at home, or get a wireless adapter. I also need to find my USB adapter for my memory card on my phone, I got a few pictures to add to the blog, but not yet.

I have a concussion, that they hope will go away by Friday, I am hoping too. I see a chiropractor and massage therapist three times a week. I have returned to work now, as much as I can. I am ditsy a little, but who really would notice that change, right?

I have a new car, we bought at an auction. If this one gets wrecked, I'll make a profit!

Rosie won first in literature on a essay she wrote for a contest at school. She got a trophy and a couple tickets to a show at the planetarium. The essay was under the topic WOW!. She wrote an essay about her Great Grandma Layton, a Woman of Worth. Get it?

We are going to frame her essay and give it to Grandma for Christmas. Shhhhhhh......don't tell her!

The twins are so into the terrible twos/threes.....ugh! They just have to touch and get into EVERYTHING! They are fascinated by makeup and powders. I think I'll outlaw makeup in my house, I don't wear it.......

This age is such a hard age, because although they have the ability to open, climb, move, maneuver, reach, balance, squeeze, etc., they don't have the cognitive ability to see after maths.
Or maybe they do and they don't care! It's very exasperating!


Abra said...

You can't Outlaw Makeup!
I just gave Rosie about $100 worth for Christmas!!!
(Just really low key, shimmery stuff)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I get it! You are Abra's sister! I am such a ditz--even though Abra said Kelline with the twins is her sister, I still didn't get it until now. I am such a LAME brain! But in my defense, I have had wayyyyy to much going on this week. I hope that you are feeling much much better soon! Is the WOW grandma the librarian?

Myrna said...

Man, oh, Man! Now Heidi thinks I am a great-grandmother. I am way too young for that, but I would like to be a WOW. I agree that Grandma L. is.

Myrna said...

And I forgot to say, I am glad you are back to blogging. I've missed you while you were out/ill.

Kelline said...

Actually Rosie wanted to write...I originally put post, does that mean I blog too much???....on Naunie (what she calls the grandma Layton who is the Librarian), and all her Aunts and myself and great grandmas, but the essay was only 1 page and since we all are WOW's we would take up a whole book! (Rosie has two grnadma's that are mom and her dad's mum.)

MOMster said...

I'm glad things are returning to normal again. Although normal is a fairly loose term when you have kids, especially twins. But I'm glad you're doing good.