Monday, December 22, 2008

What's in a name?????

I am copying my mother's posting because I thought it would be fun and interesting.

I think being a parent, one of the hardest choices you have to decide on, is what to name your children. I know I thought of tons of names for my kids...RoseMarie was going to be Oscar Paul if she was a boy......Matthew, my ex wanted Rushin Orion. (I liked Rushin, but not with Orion, I thought it sounded like a comet.) Andrew would have been AnaClaire.....(I'm glad he was a boy, he would have been teased with AnaClaire) The twins, I was thinking of Montana and another state name.....hadn't made up my mind. This was just before Hannah Montana made it big, and I always joke that I could have named them Hannah and Montana..........

Sabrina the youngest twin. Her name means princess in English and from the border in Latin. I like to think princess with spice....that's her, diva through and through! Her name was ranked #196 the year she was born (2006).

Olivia the older twin. Her name means Olive Tree in Portuguese, Latin and Greek. In English her name comes from Olga, meaning holy in several different languages. I think I did could with Olivia, although I am not sure if she fits an olive tree........Her name though in 2006 was ranked #7. Poor girl, she'll be known as Olivia B. for the rest of her life!

Andrew in Latin means manly and the Greek meaning adds strong and courageous. This name is also one of Christ's Twelve Apostles names. My Andrew is definitely a manly boy, soon to be a man. In 2000 the year he was born it was ranked #10 and has not been ranked below #13 since.

Matthew is Hebrew for gift of God. What a wonderful name to have! All children are of course gifts of God, but to have that for a name? Matthew also is a book in the Bible and an Apostle. His name was ranked #3 in 1998, and since then it has never been higher than a 9.

RoseMarie you have to take the two names separately. If you take the name Rose, in Latin it means Flower (a Rose) and Marie a variation of the name Mary, in Hebrew means bitter. Flower Bitter.......I don't know does this describe RoseMarie? I know the flower part does.....good thing we call her Rosie most the time! In 1997 RoseMarie was ranked #2015.

Christina in Greek means Christ- Bearer. She is worthy of that name I do believe. The sight I look on, only went back as far as 1995, were it was ranked #68.

I can't find Kelline anywhere........

Kelli is the closest, but I'll make you go to my mom's blog to get that info, cause I am lazy like that.........but I'll provide the link:


Nancy said...

I'm so glad you didn't go with Montana! :)