Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet Andrew

Andrew, my baby Bubba!

I joke and say Andrew was the most planned out of my children, but really he wasn't.

I like the fact all my children showed up in my life as surprises.

Andrew was my baby for six long years. He is a difficult child, unless you understand him. It's hard for me, because he wants to come back and live with me, but his Dad says he can't until he's been good for a whole year. He's eight, nine in March.

I can always count on him climbing into bed with me to watch morning cartoons. I hope he never gets too old for that. He watches over his sisters like a hawk.

He probably is the most like I was growing up.

Andrew has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). It has been hard, but to see him go from a baby into toddler, preschool, kindergarten and now into a young man, I want to cry.

I am so proud of him. I love all my kids dearly, but he is the squeakiest. (Parents should understand that term.)

Okay, enough mushy.....Story time........

My most vivid story was when the twins were born. Andrew was in Kindergarten then. Since I was having the twins with a planned c-section 5 weeks early, Andrew and I went to a huge hospital to have some tests done.

He was really worried about the babies and me. He watched through his fingers covering his eyes, as they stuck this big needle in my belly to check the fluid. "That's not hurting the you mommy?" "Don't poke the babies," he cautioned the technician. He watched as the alien like pictures moved in the crowed dorm. "Those are them?" "Do they have skin?"

We moved on to another room, where they hooked me up to a monitor and watched contractions and magnified the heart beat. I should him when the lines spiked, the babies were active. He watched patiently for about 45 mins, letting me know when the girls were active. (Thanks Andrew, I needed you to tell that!)

He loved to wheel me with the nurses help around the hospital to the car. He climbed in the car, smiles on his face. I went to climb in the car, and my water broke!

He was so excited! The babies were here! I guess God finally put all the pieces together! (see previous post on Andrew's sayings) I never had seen such a huge grin on such a little guy's face! He was such a proud brother, and still is!


Myrna said...

Do they have skin? I love that :o)

Heidi Ashworth said...

It sure is tough when your child has those kinds of problems. I have one with bipolar, obsessive compulsive and depressive/anxiety disorder. He also has brain damage from a birth accident leading to mild cerebral palsy (the kid has no motor skills) and learning disabilites. Yes, he is deff the squeakiest, but he is also the one I would most do anything for. You have to serve those kids so much, you just learn to love them to death.

Nancy said...

He's such a funny boy. Definitely a handful, but caring.

MOMster said...

What a great kid! I am glad I get to know him a little through this post!