Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Ketchup

I like that title.........

Friday it snowed, horrible. I asked Johnathan to come and get me. He must truly love me, because he did. He drove for two hours (normally a 40 min drive), in the snow, picked me up, left his car at my work, then went and picked up my daughters. Since the weather was still bad, he endured shopping for boots with us, and then he took us out to Olive Garden! It was a nice treat considering the weather.

It still took over an hour to get home after all that. Yuck. I hate bad weather.

Saturday, we went to pick out my Christmas presents. 4 bar stools for our counter. Now we have a place to sit when we eat!!!! I'll post pictures, but I have to find this adapter thingy I lost from the trip.

Saturday night we headed into town to go see the lights. The girls were as good as two two-year olds could be. I was surprise that the stood still and watched the Nativity presentation so well. Sabrina was with me and loved following the lights around.

We then went inside the visitor center and took the walk way up to see Christ. I remember when I was a little girl and visited Temple Square. I use imagine that I truly was walking up to meet Christ. Today I felt the same peace inside when I walked there with the girls. Sabrina was frozen looking at Christ. Olivia pointed to a little picture she found of Christ and then to the Statue. It was such a amazing experience to see her related the two things together.

Johnathan, Rose, the twins and I then went to the Families are Forever Presentation, thanks to Sabrina's willingness to wander into rooms. It was a nice presentation, however due to the baby deaths in our ward (we had another lady give birth to a still born) and the recent death of Johnathan's Aunt, it was a little sad. I should say happy sad, if that makes any sense.

Then we went off to JB's. This will be the last year that we go to JB's. Bad food, worse service, not worth it.

Sunday was a peaceful productive day. We went to church. Rosie has started going to Young Womens. She's going to start playing basketball on Tuesday nights. Her first game will be Jan 22nd! I also found my hallway!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend too. Merry Christmas!


Myrna said...

Sounds like a really nice way to spend a weekend...I hope you watched the video link from my is funny! David is a ham. (Not being punny about your other post...just your brother is good in front of a camera.)

Abra said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! What is your hallway?

Kelline said...

The place we walk down to get to things like the bathroom, bedrooms and such..........don't you have one?