Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What I wanted to be

The earliest memories growing up and being asked what I wanted to be, I remember replying "a Hutterite ." I know such ambitions for a young girl.

I think what I liked about the Hutterites when I was privileged enough to visit their farms, was how calm everyone was. There didn't seem to be that clock ticking the time down, and the rush of life flying by. I also loved the long dresses and how the girls didn't have makeup.

I bet I could have played "Anne of Green Gables" with out any ridicule. Of course growing up Hutterite , I never would have seen the movie, but I could have read the book, and probably would have!

My sister and I, and sometimes Stephanie Leishman, would play Anne of Green Gables outside the house in Raymond. There was the fence that bordered our neighbors, and we would pretend that we were on the barnyard roof. We would take turns falling of the fence and reacting that seen between Anne and Gilburt. It's a good thing our neighbors thought we were weird already!

Growing up more, I changed my life long dream of wanting to be a Hutterite to a school teacher. Then it progressed into a Kindergarten school teacher. I had a passion for kids and wanted to use that to make money. After all there was a time where my sister and I were the top two babysitters in PoCo! We even formed a babysitting club for a whole couple of weeks! Such entrepreneurs we were.

Even after the birth of my first child, I started to go to school to get a four year degree in early childhood education, specializing in literature. Seriously I took a college course where we read children's books, and then made index cards and categorized them according to topics and issues in the book. I loved that class. Unfortunately I had some issues and had to drop out of college.

My next big idea was to be a hairdresser, which is weird because I hate doing hair, at least mine. My logic behind this idea was that if I hated doing after the schooling, I at least would know how to cut my own kids hair professionally saving five haircuts every few weeks. I think probably fortunately I couldn't work out daycare for this idea.

Then I applied for this grant to go back to school. I was told I had to get a four year degree, not a two year one that I originally thought I was going to get. I went online and looked up top paying degrees, I have to support by family after all! Engineering, boring...Nursing? yuck blood...Accounting, I do like numbers.....So accounting it was. About three years into my degree I decided to add on a business bachelors because I wanted to work with other people a little more.

I have an okay job right now, more entry level then anything else. I am trying to work on building up my resume and experience then my bank account.

In the meantime I am attending these classes that are awesome! It is through People Helping People. They are helping me network and build me confidence to land the job with big money. Right now I am someone who has knowledge, but no application. I am scared to try and make a mistake at work. They hopefully can give tools to get over that fear.

I think the biggest thing for me is that I like classes. I don't have to quit school per say. I think if I could afford it I'd become a professional student.


Myrna said...

I am glad you like to learn. Learning makes life interesting.

Arrika said...

I do agree with your interest in being a forever student. I am constantly amazed that more people do not take classes throughout their lives...

I just need to figure out how to pay less for my classes so i can keep going into perpetuity :)

Your hair commentary made me remember your mohawkian style with a grin.