Friday, October 24, 2008

It's been a couple of days....

So I haven't blogged for a couple of days, nothing much has REALLY happened, but let me fill you in~

My fibromyalgia has been very active the last few days. I believe it is because of the weather getting colder. I just know it has made me very tired, sore and irritable. I finally got in to a doctor yesterday and she gave me so higher dosed anti-inflammatory, and a couple muscle relaxers, so today I am a little better.

For those that would like more information on fibromyalgia our want to know of an idea of how I feel, check this sight out:

Rosie, Chrissy, Matthew and Andrew are all looking forward to our annual Halloween party tomorrow. I'm sure the twins would be too, however they just don't realize how cool of a mom they really have!

Rosie is having a hard time because someone at school (one of her friends) handed out invites to a haunted house party she is having, at the same time! I reminded Rosie that our parties are always great, regardless how many kiddos show up. Also a lot of kids have come to the parties I've thrown and they love them, so we probably will have a few reoccurring guests. I also pointed out that she probably handed more invitations then her friend, since I make her invite her entire class to parties. She also invited a few outside school friends.

I am not too worried about the turn out, but she's a little disappointed. I think it's probably because she is having to share the pre-party limelight at school, which she has never had to do before.

Anyway I am super busy at work. I am helping implement a new cost accounting system here and I am starting with nothing! I work in a manufacturing plant and there is so much info to input into a working system. I can't wait till I have all the data collected and we can monitor our system closer. With the economy the way it is, our cost of goods sold are fluctuating and an alarming rate and our current system (which is obsolete) can not tell us when we start giving our product away!

I am hoping to get a picture of what we make on the blog soon, but feel free to check out our

Till I have more time, something exciting or a deep reflection!