Friday, October 3, 2008

Laughter the best medicine....

After reading Abra's funny post regarding Piper, I thought I would tell my earliest memory of something funny my kids did....However this is more about what JOSIE did then one of my kids.

I was pregnant with Matthew, so Rosie was not quite two, making Josie five, or close to it. We were at the grocery store, Rosie, Josie, Naunie, and myself. Rosie had decided she had enough and wanted to go home. Being two, she voiced her concerns quite vocally and loudly. An older gentleman tried to sympathise with her, sharing his dislike of grocery shopping. Josie looks at him and said quite matter of fact, "Well, it wouldn't be so bad, if her mother did beat her."

I think I nearly died of embarrassment that day~

Thanks Josie!

I love the age range between 3-5 they say and do the cleverest and honest things. I think though the award still goes to Patrick. Stories I could tell....but my favorite....

I remember he loved going across to one of his friend's house. We all would watch from the huge window in the front. One particular day, his friend couldn't play. Patrick walked to his thing we know....there is a small puddle growing and running down the driveway...Patrick says he was mad at him because he couldn't play!