Monday, October 13, 2008


We decided to start going to church in Herriman, even though we really haven't completely moved out there yet. I thought it would be a good way for Rosie to meet some girls her age and for me to met some other people out there.

Church is at 9 am. This is a little difficult for us, but manageable. We scurry and go through the rituals of Sunday morning. I have no clue why Sunday mornings are so hectic! We get in the car at 9:05. That's okay, we're going to make it.

We sit through Sacrament meeting, and manage only having to get up twice with the twins. Olivia is such a good girl when it comes to being reverent during the sacrament.

Afterwards we look for Johnathan's brother and his family, and nobody was there. I take the girls to there classes, only to find out moments later we were in the wrong ward. We decide to get the girls out of there classes and go to the right ward. I really wanted Rosie to start to meet some kids out there.

Oh, just an FYI, on the way to church I was commenting on how many church buildings we live by. I jokingly said how funny would it be if we went to the wrong ward. Not only did we go to the wrong ward, but we were in the wrong stake!

So we go to the new ward. I think I'm going to like it. It's fairly small, but friendly. I loved my own ward before, but never met a friend. I am hoping that I'll meet a friend in this ward. I don't mind moving out to Herriman, but I'll be leaving my best friend in Salt Lake City. We won't see each other very often and sometimes you just need a gal pal!

I found my mentor. He was one of my favorite instructors at Stevens Henager. Now he will be teaching my twins in Nursery. I am glad that he is a part of my life again. I got to meet his wife and she is nice too!


Myrna said...

I am sure you will be fine there; you are so friendly. That helps!