Thursday, October 9, 2008

My new/used van....

As most know I totaled my van last month. I purchased a older van through Johnathan's brother, who is a mechanic. He promised he'd fixed anything that went wrong on it.

It's an older van, and temperamental. Sometimes it does weird things, but never when Johnathan or his brother are around. I think they were kind of getting annoyed about me telling them about odd behavior of the van.

Yesterday was horrible! I got on the freeway at about 4:30 p.m. All was going good, and I should have been in Herriman about 5ish. I moved into the carpool lane, going about 70 mph and then I lost power. I could go about 35 mph and that was it. So I maneuvered at 35 mph over four lanes of freeway speed vehicles and got off on 72nd exit. I would have called Johnathan, however this was the day I leave my cellphone at home..... ironically convenient I know!

I make it finally out to Herriman, pulling in to the house about 6:30ish. I was not happy. I handed Johnathan the keys and told him he needed to do something with the van...I wanted him to drive off a cliff...but kept that to myself.

I lay down to rest, avoid the oncoming headache, and to destress. He calls me and asks what the problem was. I tried my best to explain, but can you guess?

The van was running beautifully! No problem. Ugh! He gets home and I tell him that he has to take it to work the next day.

I call this morning and all of sudden my van is a pile of crap....

See it wasn't really happening prior to him taking the van to work. As long as when HE drove the van it was fine, so it was really operator error.....

My van is getting fixed this weekend!!!!!!


Myrna said...

Yeah! There is nothing quite like dependable transportation, and nothing quite so stress-inducing as undependable transportation. I hope your travel woes are soon over.