Thursday, October 2, 2008

School is in full swing....

Seriously we have an awesome PTA at Rosie's school. They are on top of the fundraisers, they have family activities throughout the year, plus they do a program called Reflections that Rosie has placed a couple years in a row. She wrote a poem one year, I'll have to find it and post it on here.

This year they put together a roller skate night at the school, with food to buy and a live DJ. This looks to be a great family night!

Rosie also has an incredible teacher this year. Her name is Mrs. Murray. She is encouraging her to explore other cultures and learn new languages. Last week they had some french and Spanish words for their spelling test. One of the words was nom de plume....which I thought was an interesting pick. This week they are learning how to count in Japanese and some other Japanese words.

Rosie has inherited a love of language and a respect of culture thanks to my family. I am so glad that she does not portray the ignorance that I have had to deal with from many Utahans/Americans. Although I am a proud American, I also remember that my heritage is multicultural. There is so much to learn through other nations, a close minded person will never experience true growth!


Abra said...

so I got to the border.
Even so far as going through the border.
I stopped in Sweetgrass
The thought of driving across Montanna by myself scared me.
So I turned around and drove home.
Love you.

Kelline said...

I love you. You have the strength to accomplish and conquer what ever is in your way, after all we have the same gene pool! I love you too.