Friday, October 3, 2008


Okay so my sister Abra tagged me her blog is I find rather unfair that she used all our immediate family....we'll see if our cousins have follow through.....

7 facts about me........

1) I hate my canned food messed up, or any of my kitchen cabinets. In fact if I have to get anything out of the cupboards and they are a mess, I have to stop what I am doing to fix them. Not only do they have to be neat but I have a systematical order they have to be in. Needless to say when I cook dinner, my daughter usually pulls things out for me, or else we end up eating late.

2) There are only a few people's houses that I'll eat meat at. I am so picky that I have some friends that think I'm a vegetarian. Shhhh......don't tell.

3) I don't like wearing shoes. I kick them off whenever I can.

4) Rosie and I have an ice cream habit that we need to break. We get the carton and get two spoons and pig out. This has been a special bonding moment for us for some years now. The problem is we double dip. I know it's bad. Usually it's been just us eating the ice cream so it's not really bad, but know the twins are growing up and sometimes Johnathan wants some ice cream too.

5) I have grey hair....and I'm only 30!

6) I am suppose to wear glasses.

7) I love math!

Okay so I tag...... (Michelle) (Eric) (Heather) (Arrika)

and that's all I'm doing, cause I'm lame and don't know to many bloggers...........