Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Engagement Strike Outs?

Okay, so we all know:

Kelline and guys = generally bad luck

Personally I think that there are two major reasons for that.

1-I know what I want from a relationship.
2-I date about the complete opposite.

So I decided after my 2nd ex-husband David, I'd not get serious and focus on other things. Well I ended up meeting Johnathan Dewegeli. I know I've said this is the one before, but he is the one.

I actually spent sometime praying about this and I believe he has too. The wonderful thing I love about this man is that I can be me. He knows that generally I am sweet and good natured, but I can let the feisty Irish spirit out and he still loves me. He doesn't let me walk all over him, but he'll let me vent and then we can talk about things. We can have shallow discussions or in depth ones about nothing of real interest.

Each one f my six children are welcomed by him and each one seems to enjoy his company.

He was afraid I'd hate my ring, so he handed me the box and asked me to open when he was away. I love the ring, it's something he picked out BY HIMSELF for me. After we drove home in separate cars, he met me outside. He told me it was an engagement ring. I told him he should put it on me then. We laughed and I said it'd be funnier if he texted me "will you marry me" on my cell phone. He thought about it, put he wants to redo the proposal, but doesn't know what to do yet.

I told anything is better then the kid's dads proposal! Another story.

I am just glad that I met him, and he will accept me and my kids!


Nancy Heiss said...

Maye there is a third major reasons: You kept marrying Daves.

Just a thought (and no offense to our brother, of course).

Congratulations, good luck, I love you...we probably won't make it out for the wedding, but I still love you!

Abra said...

I love you congratulations!