Friday, October 17, 2008

Ugh the tween years!

Okay, I have a wonderful daughter. All my children are wonderful and bring joy to my life in there special ways, however at times they bring little frustrations too!

My daughter is into lying to me. Shocking, right. I have loosened a little on her chore wise, but she is asked to complete one chore a day. Yesterday I asked her to clean up the back room. The stuff on the floor were clothes SHE didn't put away in the first place and the twins, mainly Sabrina, played switch the outfit a hundred times.

She went to clean the room and came back fairly quickly. I asked her if she was sure she picked up all the clothes, even the ones in the closet. She said yes, the only thing she had left down were the pj's. I asked her, "Are you SURE everything is done?" She shook her head yes.

I was going to check last night but got distracted by dishes, twins and what had you, so I forgot. This morning I went into the room to get the twins dressed and the closet had a layer of clothes on the floor!

What do I do? I asked her why she looked at me and lied. She just shrugged her shoulders. I can't really ground her because she hardly asks to go anywhere and I feel like a heel when I have to tell she can't go to her friends house when she does ask.

The parent books say that it's her age, but I miss my eager young Rosie, Posie.

(I still love this one, but sometimes want to wring her neck!)


Myrna said...

WEll, she didn't technically lie to you...she may indeed have picked them up...and put them back down again. You didn't ask her specifically enough! The only thing she left down OUTSIDE the closet were the pjs...and "let's go check" can be helpful, too.
I remember cleaning the kitchen beautifully once, except that I hid the dirty pots under the sink because I didn't want to scrub them. I even went and got my mom and she was so happy because the kitchen looked so good on the surface, and I felt so guilty because I knew she would be so sad when she opened that cupboard and found the I had to show her before she just found them herself. And then, in my chagrin, I scrubbed those pots.

Kelline said...

Awww but the guilt thing doesn't work as beautifully as it did when I was a child..............The fear of parents has been removed. I know I was never beat while growing up, but I still remember not ever really backtalking or disrespecting my parents. Maybe its just my kids.....

Abra said...

I was going to leave a comment, but it got super long - even longer than mom's so maybe just read my blog.

Abra said...

according to Parenting Magazine, Lying about "homework, chores, or toothbrushing, while aggravating, is not unusual at this age.
The best response, is usually just to express your displeasure."

So there you go!
Be glad!
She's normal!