Wednesday, October 8, 2008

There's two people in the world that don't have brains........

I have this stunning beauty for a daughter, not only is she cute but she actually has brains! At least that is what her homework and teachers tell me. I am trying to figure this one out. Maybe she only has brains when:
A. I am not around.
B. At school
C. Selective thinking....
I keep thinking back to good ole Patrick when he was a little boy and the conversation he had with dad. Some of you should remember it.....
Patrick in complex thinking and on chin....deep in thought, Dad never suspecting a thing. (Patrick was about 4 years old)
Conversation went something like:
Dad: What you thinking about?
Patrick: Brains
Dad: What about brains?
Patrick: Why everyone in the whole world has them, but two people.
Dad: Who do you know that doesn't have brains?
Patrick: You and mom....
Getting back to the point of this blog......Rosie doesn't always act like she has a brain. I go pick her up at the house after work and getting the twins. She runs out to the van and hops in. She isn't feeling well, and understand that but seriously.
I decide to take in to the after hour doctors, because I know she's sick. With all the time crunch after work and before bed I decide that we'd go out to eat. We get out at the doctors office (mind you we drive from Sugarhouse area to West Jordan in rush hour) and she has no shoes on.
I have two two year olds that lose shoes, but must my almost 12 year old daughter have this behavior too? I suppose I'll have to go back to shoe check for all the kids, but I thought eventually I'd get to stop............(I got smart, I leave a pair of emergency shoes under my seat!)


Arrika said...

LOL. I think its the age they are at. Bethy did the same thing when we were taking Dad in to the dentist to have Wisdom tooth surgery. We went to get out of the car to take him inside and offer moral support by sitting in the office for two hours and lo and behold.. shoeless feet. I had to turn us around to fetch shoes while Dad went inside without us.

I have to say I enjoyed summer and the lack of sweaters needed Because I get exhausted taking my sweater off my back daily to fend them from the cold. I miss my sweaters. They never bring them back from their First moms house either.

Myrna said...

Josie was about 12 when we were going to California--with no shoes, no skirt, no brush. We were picking up N & A so we just borrowed things from Nancy--and found a pair of shoes under the seat in the car. But they weren't stashed there on purpose--it was more "Look what I found! I was wondering where these were!"

eat5hams said...

wow she looks a LOT like josie used to look!