Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday was busy for me! I did get a nice break from the kiddos, but it was run, run, run!

Every other Saturday I go to People Helping People, an organization for women, by women, that is incredible! That takes up four hours of my Saturday morning.

I then drove out to Herriman (from downtown SLC), which is about a 40 min drive.

Johnathan's niece is getting married on the 1st of November and her bridal shower was at three that day. I gave her a single burner hot plate. Unusual I know, however she is going to be living in a hotel for a few months and thought that it would be useful.

Then it was women's night out for the Relief Society at my new ward. I love this ward! We watched "Sabrina". It was a great movie. We had snacks and I made pumpkin rice crispy treats...yum, the recipe is on my other blog ( as well as another yummy dip that was there.

This ward is so friendly and receptive. My other ward was great, but this ward is small and really friendly. Herriman grew to fast too quickly and because of the pricey houses out there, some of these really nice neighborhoods are empty. So I think they built the wards based on the neighborhoods, and now it's half a ghost town. Our ward is about half the size of my last ward. The relief society makes everyone sit together, no finding a corner and hiding........

We are singing a song in sacrament meeting with the young women and senior primary. It is a beautiful song! Rosie and I are both a little nervous because we've only sung in two times, but we'll have the words so I think we'll be okay.


Abra said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Myrna said...

Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

May you have many more. DAD