Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Birthday Dinner, Wooden Dip, and Olivia's big adventure...

I went down to my parents for an early birthday dinner yesterday. It was yummy, and I enjoyed the visit.

I decided I was going to make spinach artichoke dip. I have been craving it since I went to Red Robin, but haven't found the same recipe. Still I keep trying! Johnathan and I were making some yesterday and he being the brilliant guy he is decided that he was going to stir my mixture of cheeses, artichoke hearts, and spinach. Nice, right? Except he forgot to turn off the he stuck a wooden spoon in.......we managed to save some of the dip.....then made more. Dad said we made a little too much, but it was good, and I don't have to cook tonight!!!

We had fun visiting the grandparents and aunts and uncles. The girls love to play the piano and get into their recital, however the listeners probably think they need more practice. Sabrina demonstrated her lovely singing skills while throwing the unwanted toys out of her way. She makes up such beautiful songs, however she can sing quite loudly at times.

When we got home Rosie took Olivia inside, we were taking Sabrina. I was waiting for the dog to go to the potty. I could here Olivia talking. I looked up to the porch, no Olivia. Then for some reason I looked at the roof. Olivia was standing there!

I have no clue how it happened. I flew into the room with the easiest accessibility to the roof. I jumped through the window and grabbed her in. Through tears and my heart pounding I told her how very scared she had made me. I was so shocked and surprised and glad that she was alive, I couldn't punish her. I explained dangers to her and told her never again should she scare mommy like that. (I also talked to Rosie about the difference of "watching" vs. "watching".)

Johnathan also put a lock on the window so it won't open far enough for one of the girls to climb out again.


Myrna said...

Your girls are amazing. Now to put that brilliance to some practical use...

Nancy Heiss said...

Scary! I'm glad she's alright!

And Andrew totally did that when we were making milkshakes once. Now we have a wooden spoon that looks like a bite was taken out of it...and the milkshakes were interesting. A little extra fiber never hurt anyone, right?

Abra said...

Ohhh, Rosie must have been just as scared as you! I'm glad everyone was alright, and no one was punished ;P

Nancy Heiss said...

Man, alive...after reading Shannon's blog, aren't you lucky!!!?