Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yesterday....all my troubles seemed so far away

Okay not really, but it was a good day.

I applied for the Master of Library Science program through Clarion University. Wow! I just have one more letter of reference to receive back, and I am done.

My work is incredible! I told my boss what I was doing and he thought it was awesome. I told him that as long as I get raises every six months I would continue working here. He said that wasn't a problem, and also pointed out that I have free time at work to study. I am so lucky for this job.

Thanks to Heidi and my mother who assisted me in my application process, and also to my previous instructors and supervisor who took the time to recommend me to the University.

After working, I went to a seminar on how to apply for a job with the Federal Government, sponsored by People Helping People. It was amazing! This Human Resource guy explained the complete applying process to us, which is quite complicated. I also found out that they even have jobs for librarians through the Federal Government!

I was tired, but felt like I accomplished a lot at work. I love those eventful days!


Heidi Ashworth said...

Yay for you! But, please, I did very little and I would hate for people to come knocking on my door asking for my help in their application process. What's an application process? College? What's college? The credit really goes all to you! YOU did it!

Arrika said...

Oh you are amazing Kelli!
You will have to keep me informed of all your classses as you go along - I am wayyy behind you but that is exactly the path i am aiming for myself so now you prove to be my mentor yet again :) (Great minds think alike!)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful!

Myrna said...

Hurray for you!