Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I can't promise this'll be the last post for the day!

Yesterday was an awesome day! I have hinted once or twice at my boss about a raise, but was not prepared to ask for one until the end of February.

I am an excellent employee, however I am just one of those people that have things happen. Before kids, the things that happened were workable. Since having kids, especially the twins, life just seems to be a roller coaster of unexplainable events. I mean seriously, how many of you know someone who has to leave work to get their son out from underneath a table in kindergarten? Why are you thinking couldn't the teacher do it? Duh! He was throwing chairs at anyone who got close enough!

In one week, my dad had a triple by-pass surgery AND my car's engine killed. Within less than 4 months, I get into two car accidents and my daughter almost dies!

At least I get breaks every now and then. I found this wonderful company that I now work for. The boss has twins, so he understands a little. I was told never to feel guilty if I have to miss work because of my kids!

I received a raise, not huge, but nothing to shrug at either. I have demonstrated that I am a faithful employee, within the 5 months of being here. It still surprised me all the same. There is not much work for me to do (obviously I'm blogging). It's nice to get appreciated.


Kristina P. said...

That's great! I got a small raise too, and that will help to pay off the loan we had to get for my husband's school.

Nancy said...