Friday, January 9, 2009


Well it's been a few Fridays, but I'm back on track. The last post introducing my children. My last daughter is Sabrina! Sabrina is the youngest of the twins. She also has experienced the most medical problems, related to premature birth. She is a fighter though and a real trooper.

Out of all my children, Sabrina is the only one that has inherited her Auntie's ability to give the meanest looks in the world! I have no clue how she learned how to do this, but she's been doing since about birth. She also possesses another unique talent. At four months she learned how to growl, thanks to Grandma Laurie. Although she still struggles with her speech, this child can growl in the most bizarre way. Sometimes it seems as if she is possessed! It's so funny, if I ever can figure out how to get sound up here, I'll show you!
Sabrina is a Diva, in the making. She loves to sing, quite loudly too. She loves singing along to hymns in church and to with her family. If we ever visited your ward, I'm sure you'd know, we'd be the family with the squawking almost three year old in the back. Luckily she's so cute, or I'd be embarrassed.
If Sabrina could have it her way, which she does a lot of the time, she would be dressed in high fashion! Her favorite outfits are princess dresses (any long dress), high heeled shoes (amazingly she can walk in them!), and any accessory she can get her hands on (hats, scarfs, rings, necklaces, etc.).
Her nicknames are Beanie-bot, Briny, and Cookie. Her favorite food is CANDY, frozen peas, grapes, bananas and elephants. She also loves anything princess.
I will update you on her surgery after the followup next week.


Rebecca said...

I think your Sabrina and my Princess would have a great time playing dress-up together!

I'm a bit puzzled by her liking to eat elephants, though. I'm doing that with my messy house, one bite at a time. But I've never eaten them literally! :D

You would very much fit in our ward. Wanna move to Missouri?

Kelline said...

Maybe, do you get bad winter there? You have check the link for elephants....punned off my sister's blog.....

Myrna said...

I was momentarily confused about the elephants, too, but of course you are referring to RACHEL's word for oranges!

Heidi Ashworth said...

What a sweetie! What kind of surgery? Either I missed something or I forgot--it's a toss up which works worst, my memory or my comprehension!