Tuesday, January 13, 2009

21 Days?????

I have been fighting a cold for the last 6 days. It's horrible! Wednesday night I felt it coming on, you know the aches, chills and sweats. Thursday my voice started going and I lost my rosy cheeks. By Friday I thought I was knocking at deaths door! Saturday I blew off my class at People Helping People and started to feel better! Sunday I went to church and felt okay, then I laid down with the twins and took a nap. I awoke in a sweat, swollen throat and no voice. It got worse from there. Monday I got up to get ready, with all good intentions, to go to work.

Rosie came to my door and and said her throat hurt, and she didn't feel very good. That's all I needed after a night of no sleep! Okay, we'll stay home and go to the doctors! I called work and took the day off. I made two doctors appointments, one for myself and one for her. Despite my sick demeanor, I was very proactive yesterday. I took three kittens to a pet store before my appointment.

In meeting with my doctor he told me that I have a cold, the flu cold kind. It's the adult form of croup. There is nothing I take to speed up the recovery process. I then asked him how long is the recovery process was. 21 days!!!!!! Needless to say I am back at work today, and will be for the rest of this sickness. Like I can miss 21 days of work!


Myrna said...

The only way anyone can take off 21 days of work is if they have been accruing sick leave for a long time. I am sorry for you! It is indeed difficult to work through sickness, but I am proud of you for the way you keep on keeping on.

Nancy said...

Get better soon! I love you!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Bummer! The flu/cold/sinus thing I got last May was supposed to last six weeks! Well, it did, but not at the oringial level of intensity. It's impossible to get lots of rest when you can't sleep and have to work--I'm so sorry! I'm hoping I get through the winter better than last--I had it in Jan and Feb and Oct. Yuck!