Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who Subsituted for Bob Parker or Drew Carey?

I am still sore today, but it's getting better. When the weather is cold, by body rejects it.

Rosie had her party this last weekend. It went okay. I am just not quite prepared for her coming of age. What is with girls this age? She is the most moodiest person I have encountered recently. My stars! I hope that this will end, however everyone says that it only ends when they move out!

I had all my kids up this weekend. It was a lot of fun. All eight of us, plus my sister Josie in a three bedroom apartment. Thankfully we have a pretty big apartment. I can't wait until the warmer weather and they can go outside to play. We have the yard for that. For the first time in months we all went to church together. Unfortunately we were late, which resulted in us sitting in the back overflow section. Never again. I spent the good part of sacrament chasing the twins around. I took them out to do time out and they took off in different directions. Why when mother is out with the babies, does every child (all four of them) need to come out one by one to use the restroom? I find this amusing, after all sacrament is only one hour, yet they can sit and watch TV without moving for hours, if I let them! Kids just behave better if you can get a pew in front.

Last night was fun. Our ward had a emergency preparedness activity for the couples. It sparked Johnathan and mine's attention Sunday, because they mentioned "free" childcare for the girls. I never knew preparing for life's curve balls could be so fun! We played Price is Right. That's right, the game show! Our budget didn't allow Bob Parker or Drew Carey or even the Bob Beauty's, so we had to make do with "Dave" and the Dave Delightful's.......... I never laughed so hard with my ward family before. The contestants, one of which was Johnathan were able to bid on items like tin foil, cooking oil, pancake mix, etc. The even played games that allowed them to win washers and dryers (hand towels) and if portioned right a whole year's supply of breakfast (a large thing of oatmeal)! It was fun and amazing the work that was put into the activity.


Myrna said...

Sounds like fun!

I am just laughing about you being so amazed about what teenage girls are like! Can't you remember being a teenage girl? I remember crying over nothing and laughing hysterically and being so moody--but then, I have been through a few teenage girls to keep me remembering what it is like.

That one Lois Duncan novel--I can't remember the title--where the girl is permanently 14, and an older character (the main character) comments how horrible that would be to be eternally 14. Amen to that!

Abra said...

I love that novel.

But really, the moodiness starts waaay earlier just spend a day with Piper and you'll see.
She's only 8!

Myrna said...

Some girls are just moody their whole lives through! :o) (Probably some boys, too!)