Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The reason why I moved.

In April, the girls and I moved into a small quaint home, with an incredible backyard! We thought it would be a nice fresh start, a new beginning. It was horrible. Not only did Rose see ghosts and what not, the roof leaked. I called the landlord and let her know in May. Then I called her again in June, July..... She finally got the roof fixed in September. I asked when she was going to repair the inside of the roof and walls. Her response was "I'll have someone call in a week."

Nobody called in a week, nobody called in two weeks. I did some action on my own. The first thing I did was write a nice letter to the landlord, explaining that this was a health issue for my family. The next thing I did was get in touch with the environmental department. The came out and took pictures and sent their own nice letter to the landlord. I also called the housing department and sent them a copy of the letter that I wrote to the landlord.

Talk about patience! I sent a letter every week to the landlord, environment department and housing department. I then met with an attorney. See most people would just move, but I had a one year lease at this place and I couldn't afford to break it. To quote my landlord, "It would be against the law if I let you move out and I would have to take you to court." Obviously she is unaware of a mutual breech of contract we could both sign, making the original null and void. Any, the attorney told me that if I could find a doctor that would sign a paper, stating that the mold in the house would be an environmental endangerment, I could move, WITHOUT any notice to the landlord. I would break my lease based on the mere fact that it was endangering the help of my children, primarily Sabrina.

It took all but about two weeks to get the letter. Unfortunately that was just before my unfortunate fourth car accident. We finished moving the first week of December. The landlord called me after finding out that she could not take me to court on me "abandoning" the property and left a sweetly sarcastic message.

I feel sorry for her new tenants. They are, I'm quite sure completely unaware of the battle she has ongoing with the environmental department.

This is the light that during rain storms and for about a day after, I had to make sure none of the children turned on the light. We had a shower pour from this fixture, every time it rained!
This is the wall that she didn't really think that needed to be fix after having a roof leak for over 6 months (at least)!
More of the same wall. The smell of mildew was so overpowering when you walked into the house. The environmental lady said that it was one of the strongest smell mildew she had encountered.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, that is horrible! I wonder if she will be sued?