Friday, January 16, 2009


I had all could intentions to post pictures that I have taken of Rosie monkeying around with the twins, however the thingy to transport the pictures from my phone/camera to the computer is in one of its moods. I hope you can all handle my technology lingo, it's pretty sophisticated.

Yesterday was a busy one, after work that is. I rushed to get Sabrina to the ears, nose and throat doctor. While waiting there I saw a friend from the past. I am always a little leery when running into people from my past. For those that don't know, I used to be addicted to methamphetamines and was quite wild. Now that I am back on track, I am scared to rock the boat. I hadn't seen my girlfriend for about seven years. She has been clean for sometime now and like myself, went back to school and got a degree. Yeah! I can be friends with her again!

As for Sabrina... the doctor said for the first time in her short lived life, he can see deep into her nose! Also for the first time, I had a doctor tell me that her ears were dry! That means no ear infections! She did have a teeny bit of moisture at the base of her ear drum, but he thinks that it'll go away on its own. The only think that we have to keep checking on is her holes in her ear drums. He says that if the ears can stay clear of the ear infections, then they should heal on their own! We don't go back for TWO months!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers and please continue them.

Johnathan met us at the doctor office and took the twins, so that I could check out a charter school for RoseMarie. I like this school, but I like this other one better, so we will have to see. Registering for charter schools is such a pain in the butt! I have her registered at about six in the valley, but will not know until spring, if she gets into one. They base it on a lottery system, so it's the luck of the draw.

RoseMarie then had basketball practice/rule orientation for the Young Women Basketball. Her two friends played hippie-ball. They toss the ball back and forth and yell "righteous" and "peace out" and make hippie signs. Aaaaaaah, to be twelve again!!! It was nice to sit and watch Rose and her friends. Her first game is Thursday, January 22nd. I took a picture, but I'll have to post it later.

I am grateful to have a guy in my life that allows me the opportunity to spend moments like this with my kids one on one.


Kristina P. said...

That's so great about Sabrina!

Rebecca said...

I hope your daughter's ears stay clear! What wonderful news!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Yay! That's good news!