Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fear vs. Hope

What do I fear one my sweet child asked me the other day.

Spiders I told him as simple as that.

It’s not as simple as that, or such a quick response. I have a daughter approaching the Junior High years, and as I look at my other children, I have so many fears. Hey that rhymed and I didn’t try!

I am scared that she won’t fit it, or have the right clothes. I am scared that she’ll do drugs or try alcohol. I am scared that she’ll be bullied, or be the bully. I am scared she’ll have a bad teacher or get bad grades. I am scared that life will scar her and she won’t want to talk to me about “stuff” anymore. I am just scared.

I am glad that I am typing this and no one has to see the tears falling on the paper……
I have hope though. I hope that I have taught her principles that she can rely on. I hope that I have taught how a wrong choice may affect her whole life. I hope that I have taught her all that she needs. I hope no matter what she knows that I love her so much, I’d die for her if I had to. I hope, no matter what, she’ll tell me what’s going on in her life.


Rebecca said...

Finding out that I haven't taught my kids enough is one of my biggest fears. My oldest is only eight, but I think about his choices when he gets older and I only hope and pray that he gets through ok!

Kelline said...

I can just pray and have faith. She is a wonderful daughter and she has already demonstrated a wonder love for the gospel.

Myrna said...

You know what, even if you teach them out the wazoo and you think you have it covered, they still do what they do. And in the end, even if they go off and do all kinds of things you always hoped they wouldn't do, they can turn out to be pretty neat people. Good people. So I say, just enjoy them. They grow up too fast.