Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am so stubborn!

So Monday night, just as I fall asleep around 10:30 p.m., my daughter wakes me up to ask a question. Seriously, 10:30????? So I lay in bed, with the eyes shut till about 4 a.m. The result? I was a walking zombie yesterday!

Thankfully I have a wonderful guy in my life that allowed me to lay down and go to sleep early. I was out before American Idol even started! He comes to bed at 9 and turns up the TV. I wake up. Determined NOT to have another repeat of the night before, I run to Walgreens. I pick an assortment of meds, NyQuil, Mucinex and Tylenol PM. I slept like a baby, right through the night!

Side note for us mothers.....I always thought that the saying "slept like a baby" was a little off. I mean when I think of a baby sleeping I think of waking up every two hours or so.............

To bring up the stubbornness part. As mentioned above my wonderful guy, was indeed the one who turned up the volume of the TV and awoke me. In going to Walgreens, I remembered that I was hungry and got a chili at Wendys. I came home took above mention assortment of meds and eat my chili while watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond. The wonderful guy asked me to turn down the TV. I looked at him and ignored his response. See when I watch TV at night I have it turned down say volume 10 or 11, when he watches TV he has it for low volume at around 18, sometimes higher. Needless to say I eventually turned it down to like 8, but I did it on my time, not his.

I am brat sometimes. I usually when lying down to watch TV will put it at around volume 8, but just out of spite, I kept it up higher.

There is a simple solution. I will get it for him, maybe for me. They are those headphone devices that amplify the sound for people hard of hearing. Maybe that way the next time he wants to watch the news, he will wear those, instead of turning up the volume.

I have to say though, if this is the worst of our fights, I am completely happy!


Abra said...

Yeah, I start with the TV low and then gradually turn it up while I'm watching it. I usually forget to turn it down and the next day I turn it on and it's blaring!

Rebecca said...

Isn't it nice when that's as bad as fights get?

Kristina P. said...

You read some of my favorite blogs so you are more than welcome to stalk me.

I will add you to my Reader and will return!

Kelline said...

Abra, that device would probably not be one for you then.

Rebecca it's wonderful not to have worse fights!

Kristina, thank you, I look for to reading your blog and comments!