Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Primary Children's Hospital

This place has become almost a home away for home. Well, not quite, but I know a lot of the specialist there and I can find my way through the hospital, without help!

Yesterday I had two appointments, one for Olivia and one for Sabrina. Sabrina had to have a catscan of her sinuses. The ENT doctor thinks she may have under developed sinus due to the premature birth. I don't know what the exact termonolgy he used, but that's what I understood. We will wait for the results and keep everyone updated. As some know Sabrina has been suffering with chronic ear infections (she's had two since the end of August 2008), and goopy eyes, nose, and ears. She squeaks when she talks, other than that she seems to be healthy.

Olivia almost died on us this year. She is continuing her follow-up care with the Otheapediac surgeon. With surgery on a hip joint they have to monitor her growth until she is about four. The good news is that we don't have to go back to see the surgeon for a whole year! She seems to be doing great. I look at her and I am so greatful for the doctors that study modern medicine and for the prayers of all our loved ones for Olivia's quick recovery. It is amazing to see her join other kids in play, knowing that just 8 months ago she could have lost her leg or died.