Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Positive Things With The Boys at Dads!

So Rose calls to talk to her Dad and brothers, and asked what they are doing. Matthew and Andrew are very eager to help out their friends! They were asked to watch their friends pet snake, but were afraid to tell their Dad and Mary, because they would have said NO! So they decided to sneak it into the house. Everything seemed to be okay, except the snake escaped. Needless to say the two boys are in a mess of trouble, and still to my knowledge have a snake M.I.A.! I am glad that they can be boys, at their father's times, I miss them too!

Olivia and I this morning were pointing out body parts. She's got the basics down, so I thought we'd start to work on hand, finger, thumb. How confusing is that for a small child? She would point to the thumb and say finger, then I would correct her and say thumb. Then I would grab each of her other fingers individually and say finger, finger, finger, finger. I can't help to think that body parts must be difficult to understand to a two year old. Anywhere you point on your head is a head, but only certain parts of your head to you have hair, eyes, teeth, etc. I mean you have a mouth and a small child points to there teeth and says mouth, we all smile and say very good. Then the same action we try to teach another word, no teeth, yes mouth, but teeth too!

Anyway that was my deepest thought so far this morning. Isn't amazing the knowledge these little ones learn in such a short span?

I am so proud of Christina. She is currently sitting at a 3.9 grade point average, hoping by the end fall semester to bring it up to a 4.0! She is so smart and I know that with hard work she can do anything!

Oh those who care, the decorations for Halloween are up. We still have a few ghosts, bats and pumpkins to stuff with paper and tombstones to put up, but the lights and ghosts and witches are spooking up the yard. As Rosie says we have 3 weeks until the party, where are the invitations?


Myrna said...

Small children learn an amazing amount of material very quickly, don't they!

Edda said...

You write very well.