Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Blog Happy...

After reading my sister's blog I thought too about the next three months....dreading or excited for? I am totally excited. I have started working on Christmas, December 26th! With kids you almost have to! October 5th I will go visit Santa early to tell him what the kids want for Christmas. (L_A_Y_A_W_A_Y) I love that. Do it this early and it's not horrible, wait until the end of October yuck!

After totally missing Rachel's B-day, I felt so bad.....she's only one, but still I have missed all her b-days.....I made a decision to try and do something small for all my bros, siss', and their kids.....Piper your card's coming, I PROMISE!

Sept-27 Piper (just have to PUT the stamp ON the card after all kids sign)
Oct-10 Abra's B-day ditto
Oct-14 Mine (Rosie wants to through me a surprise party, but seriously just send cash)
Oct-18 Halloween Bash
Oct-31st Halloween
Nov 9 Deklan's Birthday (see Piper)
Nov 21st Thanksgiving (USA) I want to just hide that day
Nov 30th Drew's B-day (my sorta stepchild)
Dec-12th Mom's B-day
Dec-14th Dad's good thing about parents who have close b-day's we can combine!
Sometime a Ward Party
Gautney's Family Party
Layton's Family Party
Steele's Family Party
If everything goes good Johnathan's Family Party
Dec 25- Christmas
Chrissy may stay for the week.
Dec-29th Matthew's B-day
Jan-20th Rosie's
then i can rest till feb.....


Abra said...

glad you posted your kids birthdays because I can never remember... thus, I'm a horrible auntie :)

Myrna said...

You are smart to be thinking ahead.

Dad said...

Just don't over do the lay-a-way thing. Pick a limit that you can afford and stick with it. Thanks for adjusting the comment box so that I can comment sometimes.

Love Dad :)

Kelline said...

I don't go too overboard with the layway thing, I try and keep the 4 payments around 30 dollars. That's not too bad considering I have 6 kids I buy Christmas for.