Wednesday, September 10, 2008

State Fair

Okay, so now that I'm done with school, got the full time job, I am trying to be super mom. Last night I took the girls to the state fair. The intentions of going last night was to see Veggie Tales. Two things to remember when going to performances with small children:

1. Length of program, small children, specially mine, can only sit for a SHORT (less than 10 min.) time frame.

2. Check the time of seating, and avoid bleachers at all costs!!!!!!!!

We get to the show and without fail we are suppose to sit in the middle of this bleachers. Who ever invented these things definitely did not ever think that a mom with two year old twins would be having to walk up them and try to sit through a performance. Veggie Tales is a musical performance, and my girls love to dance, but bleachers plus dancing do not mix.

After losing a jacket and glow stick through the holes in the bleachers (Rosie retrieved them fairly smoothly), I decided we seen enough of this show and commenced to walk around the fair grounds.

Rosie is a city girl, so am I. However I like to look at farm animals, and be amazed at how large they can be. Rosie wants to go shopping, but since she had little money, I won. She took the twins to "experience" farm life. It's a free exhibit that allows kids to pick corn, plant it, grow a garden, shear sheep, milk cows, etc. Everything is fake, but after a long hard day's work, they give each kid a dollar to buy something at the market. The twins had fun, Rosie not so much.

Then we went on the Ferris wheel. I must look like a nice person. Some lady, take it in mind I had a friend with me, Rosie and the twins, wanted me to take her daughter on rides with us. How retarded is that? "Hey lady I don't know you, but you seem like you have a nice family please take my girl of about three with you on the rides." Not that was what she said exactly, but it was very much implied. I explained to her that I didn't think we could fit her in the basket of the Ferris wheel safely due to our numbers. She huffed away and got some old guy to take her up, I don't think she knew him either.

We got into the basket and the ride started and then as usual we were stuck up top for a bit. I am afraid of heights, but I do okay if I look out, not down. Rosie is fine until she is stopped on Ferris wheels. Olivia loved it. "Hi, Hi, Hi." Sabrina is a character facially! She was cracking us up, but she posed well for pictures. (cell phone pics, my digital is not working)

We then went to go see the pigs, sheep, rabbit and cows. They loved the pigs, sheep and rabbits and of course the petting of them. We got to the cows and I swear the twins have no fear! They separated, and of course at this point I am MILES ahead of my friend and Rosie, so I am pulled to directions! I grab Olivia and turn to see Miss Sabrina wonder into a bulls pen!

Thankfully, my friend whisked out of there without a scratch! We left thinking, we will have to leave the cow thing till next year! My heart is still pounding as I right this.

We decided to end the evening with a pony ride. Rosie must be getting to that age. Nancy, you feel like Rachel is getting to old? Wait till they refuse a pony ride, then you know that they are grown! Olivia, loves horsies. Sabrina, loves whatever she wants to at the time. Olivia saw the horsies and took off by herself through the lines and squeezed her way up to the front. Luckily there were only six kids in front, so we made eight. Lines and two year old's are a hard mix.

Olivia rode her horse by herself! She sat up and didn't need anyone to walk with her. She looked like a real cow folk up there. Sabrina rode well to, but she fussed a lot on the saddle so much I kept thinking she was going to fall off. She is a wiggle worm!

So I learned, avoid long shows, bleachers and cows for a while longer, but horsie rides never fail!


Abra said...

sounds like you guys had fun!

Myrna said...

What an adventure!