Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay That was Weird

I am trying to start blogging and I set it all up last Friday. I was going to post Monday and my blog is in some weird language I couldn't read anything! So here it goes.

I learned this weekend that just because a church throws a fundraiser, you still need to check out the raffle prize. I went to a catholic church fundraiser, primarily because they were going to have fireworks (Olivia loves them). I bought some raffle tickets because I felt a little guilty showing up without spending anything. We had a picnic supper and the kids games were all free. After having signed my name to the tickets I set them into the drawing bucket.

I glanced over at the prize and I saw a wheel barrel and a scarecrow thingy and thought how cute. Then I walked by and the barrel was full of assorted booze. I was quite astonished. I didn't win either, and I'm okay with that.

Olivia, Sabrina, and RoseMarie enjoyed the playground and fireworks show. They had these huge PVC? pipes that were large enough for a small child to climb in and be rolled around the field. That was Sabrina's favorite activity. Would have been nice to know the first time she did it, so we didn't have to search for 20 minutes looking for her, only to find that she was being rolled around by a group of older kids in this tube. She climbed out with a soapy grin on her face.....mmm......maybe she got into the barrel of booze.

Tonight we are going to the State Fair. I am looking forward to taking the girls to see Veggie Tales Live. I think Rosie will have the most fun. She really is only going because I promised her she could ride one of the outrageously priced fair rides.

Will follow up more, love you all.............