Monday, September 29, 2008

It Was Fun, But Glad It's Over!

This weekend I had all six kids, in a short period of time. We crammed too much in that time we had them. I so wanted to go to the petting zoo, however it's hard when you have such a spread of ages. The twins and the boys had a blast, where as the older ones, could have cared less.

Then we had to stop and pick up the food for the reunion. The reunion was nice, and nobody even realized it was the first one Christina attended. Uncle Buck came right up to her at told her she was pretty, asked who she belonged to and mentioned we ought to get together more often so he could have seen her grow up!

I even got to remiss my old volleyball days, although I believe it was a lot easier playing not looking out for two, two year olds running around. I have to say my serve is still great!

Just a quick note....more later.


Myrna said...

You do have a wicked serve! At least there was a fence to contain the twinners.