Monday, September 15, 2008

Crash up Derby

Okay so this Crash-up-Derby thing has got to be a Utah thing. I never heard of it before coming here, nor could imagine, wait I think I could imagine my friends doing something like this, mainly for anger management therapy.

The point of the game, yes you win a prize if you a labeled the winner, is to come out the top car, meaning you have the most hits, and you lasted the longest in the game. You have about six cars that have the windows torn out and you purposely crash your car into other cars to destroy them.

I have had this done to me more then once this year, and to do it on purpose? I don't get it. However it makes for family entertainment a blast.

Saturday we braved the bleachers again, these were a little better, and watched the derby with all five kids. The twins loved it, more then veggie tales.....

Thanks Johnathan for the tickets!


Abra said...

Maybe you should give this occupation a try - we already know you know how ;)
Just kidding. Love you

Kelline said...

Thanks ever so much....anyone have beat up junkers to donate? j/k