Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kids, They're Too Cute To Stay Mad At!

I made some yummy chicken salad, with apples, grapes, pecans, Parmesan cheese, bacon bits, mayo, mustard, and peas! Okay so I went overboard putting stuff in, but it was good. I added just a touch of salt and pepper. I made up some in tortilla shells and served it to the kids outside. I made an error.

Olivia and Sabrina finished eating, as had I and we went inside. I had to go to the bathroom, leaving the girls unattended for the moment.

I came out to find my cute girls destroying my yummy lunch for tomorrow! They poured all my salt into the chicken salad :(! To make it worse, they were stirring it in so I couldn't just scoop the salt out and save some!

I sent them to time out. They are so cute in time out. Maybe they are just becoming pro's, but these two put their noses on the wall and their hands behind their backs. They did it so well I think they knew I was not happy. Then we had our talk after time out.

Me: "Mommy loves you"
Olivia: "Love you more"
Me: "Are you allowed to climb up and get into the food?"
Olivia: "No" (shaking her head yeas)
Sabrina: "Yes" (shaking her head no)
I think they did that to cover all basis...


Abra said...

too funny! Didn't you know... you're not allowed potty breaks!

Myrna said...

Kids just like to cook! Moms just make it look like so much fun. I remember coming home from work to find Patrick in my bathroom, grinning from ear to ear, with a drinking cup full of shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, lotion, stirring away with my toothbrush. But I feel bad about your chicken salad getting sounded good.

Kelline said...

Hey mom, tell dad I think I made my posting easier... let me know

Rosie said...

lol i remember that day it was funny :D