Monday, September 22, 2008

This weekend could have gone worse...or better....

I left work all excited about surprising the twins with a horsey ride and the trip to the petting zoo. We had borrowed Johnathan's car, and had to go pick him up in Herriman. I loaded everyone out and drove out there. His nephew, Jackson and his daughter, Daisy wanted to come. I kept saying hurray, I want to get there before it closes. (I was thinking it closed at eight) We headed out, only to have to stop and get something for the men to eat. (I was smart and nuked a few corn dogs for the twins) Then we were on our way!

We pulled up to find the petting zoo closed at six! We drove through and saw the scary witches. They are not live ones like I thought, but the are pretty cool. The twins grimaced and Sabrina made her hilarious faces. I so wished my camera was working!

We then went to the West Jordan park. Since Rose wasn't with us we decided to go to just a smaller part of the park so we didn't loose the girls. This park, since the makeover is incredible! The girls played for a little bit, then we took them to the doctors for their coughs.

Surprise, Sabrina had yet another ear infection and Olivia didn't. The doctor said being out in the cold night air was fine for both of them, which is good because we like to go outside a lot.

Saturday I woke up sick, turns out I had a sinus infection. We spent the weekend sleeping and cuddling together. It was nice, but I wished I felt better. (Oh both girls slept through the nights!)


Myrna said...

Yay for sleeping through the night!! Hope you got a good rest.

Myrna said...

BTW, Dad reads your blog, but has a hard time commenting because of your set up...I am not sure about set ups of blogs, but yours is different than Abra's or Nancy's. Well, all three are different, but for some reason, he has a hard time with yours.