Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Has All The Time Gone?

I took this quiz my sister had on her blog, and found out I guess I would have been a superior housewife in 1900's or something like that.

Yeah right! I barely have enough time to slap dinner together in today's world....I can only imagine....

For a "real" breakfast...(my kids have cereal and milk...a hot breakfast is instant oatmeal)
milk the cow for milk
churn your own butter
tap the tree for syrup
gather eggs from the chickens
grind your on flour

Okay maybe the didn't have grind flour daily or tap the tree, but you get the point....

I wish that I had more time. Time to enjoy life, kids, and the moment. I feel lately the only time I have is here at work. Everything else is rush, rush, rush. I am hesitant to put my kids in any after school activities, because it's so rushed after school. The kids are screaming their hungry before I even walk in the door, it's 9:00 p.m. and Rosie is trying to get her homework done.

Friday comes and the next day I it's Tuesday....the weekend came and went!

The world is getting too fast for me or maybe I'm getting to slow for it?