Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Life is like a box of Chocolate....You never know what your gonna get!"

Life has been busy for me, hectic busy, almost chaotic busy, but not quite.

Rosie is at home finding out the her mother says what she means. She was suppose to clean the kitchen floor Monday, and I guess she did, in her eyes. However in my eyes it was not done. So last night I told her that if it wasn't done right, meaning all the floor swept (including the side of the refrigerator), toys picked up and mopped with bleach, not dish soap, then she would not be able to go to Hollywood Connection, which is an indoor amusement park, and where the entire school is going today. Needless to say she is home and not going to the amusement park and I yet again this year, have won the award for the most hated mom of the year!!!!!!!! (Feel free to congratulate me)

The Temple Celebration was amazing. Over 7000 youth performed in various dances and songs. I wish all of you could have seen it! Rosie did wonderful, and she didn't fall once!

I had a tooth pulled Friday, that is still killing me and I also broke my toe last week. I am surviving, but in pain.

Also the car accident claim November, where the young driver hit our family, turning left from a stop sign, has been denied payment from her insurance. This means I meet with the attorneys and we'll be going to court in a couple of months.

Jonathan has been laid off, but he's been keeping busy helping people out with backhoe/bobcat work. He wants a job, but there is almost no construction jobs open in Utah.

Other than all that, life is good, we haven't lost one the twins for a couple of weeks now!


Kristina P. said...

I hope you get the insurance situation gets to work out!

Abra said...


Heidi Ashworth said...

You could sell one of your twins--that would solve a lot of problems. (JK!) (duh!)