Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday Remembrances

I have a brother and a sister who share a birthday month. I thought I'd share with them the memories I have of when they were born.

I was about 11 and I realized my mom (who is one of the thinnest people I know), was getting a little belly. I remember walking into the bathroom, while she was in the tub and telling her so. Aren't kids the greatest for personal space???? She blew it off, but I knew, I knew I knew. By this time another sibling was definitely a new toy for me, because at 11 years old I was far too old for dolls and such, but I could have fun with a real live baby.

I remember that my dad was going to be getting his first PC and had to delay the acquisition, do to the new addition. I want to hope that it's a coincident, but I know my dad spent a few hours coming up with Patrick Conrad's name so the initials were PC. That was his joke after Patrick was born.

I remember when Patrick was 3, he loved to tag along with me. I would take him mile or more bike rides and we'd picnic in Minnekhada.

When Nancy was born, I was in 2nd grade. I had the most awesome teacher. We were building our reading dragon, and we were having our reading party for those that had gotten so many books read. I was a "special" child, very much ADHD at that age. My teacher and I that year had a special relationship. She had told me that if my sibling was born on the first day of summer, I could have two pieces of cake!!!!!

I never prayed harder.....but the 21st of June came and went, no sibling....

I was so disappointed. She did come on the 22nd, but I was most certain that I wouldn't get that 2nd piece of cake. I was excited to see her, but I had that disappointment too.

I had an awesome teacher, she said the 22nd was close enough. I got to have two pieces of cake!

Nancy, thank you for coming so close to the 21st of June! You made my day.....

(By the way...Jonathan's B-day is the 15th...)


Nancy said...

I do what I can. :)

Happy Birthday to Jonathan, too!

Myrna said...

Patrick's name and the whole PC thing was just a happy accident. Patrick was the name we could agree on, Conrad for the middle because we didn't want to use Arnold! (No offense to my sweet daddy!)