Monday, April 27, 2009

Reflective Flashback

I like to think that I was a free spirited child growing up. Truth be told, I am surprised that I saw my next birthday. My mom has gray hair, and I can testify that most of those are from me. Not that I am proud of it, but they remind me how much my parents loved me and taught me about unconditional love. I think that is the key to parenting. Loving your children NO MATTER WHAT!

From a small age I was independent. Always wanting it my way. I can imagine the patience of my mother as she watched me struggle to get on this most embarrassing outfits....the embarrassment she felt as a young mother who had inherited the child with the worst fashion sense on the planet! A child who finally had to have her hair chopped like a boy because it "touched her ears". The love she had when she taught me how to read at a young age and allow me to explore the world around me. I think of the fear that rose through her body as she panickly saw me dripping wet after nearly drowning in the pool, as she picked up the motor cycle on top of my squashed little body, as she cleaned my scrapes and bruises from falling out of trees, off fences, whatever else I could climb.

Such patience my parents both showed. Imagine getting their first of many phone calls, saying I was in trouble, again. I lied a lot, stole a little, made life difficult for my younger siblings, however whenever I needed my mom and dad, no matter how much I had disregarded them, they were there.

Now that I am a parent, and I experience "normal" behaviors with my children, the difficulties with my husband, the gray begins to show. I remember how I was so selfish as a child, to realize I affected so many people by my behavior. I hope that when my daughter begins to show signs of heavy graying, she'll be able to reflect back and be thankful that her parents showed her unconditional love.

Mom, Dad, I know I can never redo the past, but I can thank you for it. I truly appreciate and can see the love you showed me through everything. You have taught me unconditional love, and because of that, I can show my children, your grandchildren what that is. My job as a parent is to love them no matter what their fashion sense is, attitude is, behavior is.

Thank you!


MOMster said...

I was a bit of a free spirit too, and in many ways I still am. It's hard to be pinned down to any one thing for too long. As a parent though, I'm beginning to see which children will make trouble for Darryl and I when they're older...or now. ;)

Terresa said...

unconditional love...and gray hairs. I love both on my own mom and dad.

Heather of the EO said...

What a moving post. It's so true, it all comes back to that unconditional love.

Myrna said...

So sweet. And my hair isn't THAT gray. ;o)