Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's War Baby

I strap my helmet onto my head, after making sure that the bullet proof vest is in place. I prepare to pull up my protective shield as I enter the uncharted waters. I have heard rumors about other entering the rapids and eventually finding their way out, but that is a long time for me to see at this point. I hear slamming and growling and I see the glaring eyes in the distance. Do I dare approach?

No I'm not preparing for some war in the jungle, just a stand off between parent and twelve year old.

I don't think she understands the person she up against. I am the queen of debate and the champion of dodge ball. I was the big sister and the rebellious child. I have plenty of ammunition in stock.

You ready? Cause there are no stops on this ride.

She is trying to convince me life is so hard and it would be so much better at her dads. She is tearing apart everything and making it sound pretty horrible.

Attack one, last night after 10 pm:

She hates getting up so early in the morning to get ready for school and help get the twins dressed.


I let her sleep in till 15 minutes before we had to leave to get dressed, do her hair and what not....Didn't even need her assistance to get the girls dressed.


She's sick and doesn't want to go to school.


Okay, fine you can lay in my office all day, because you're tired of being left alone during the day.


Refuses to wear a coat in pouring rain.


Took her to school and called to make sure that she could stay in for recesses.


Didn't want to get out of the car at school.


Picked her up and carried her into the front office and told them she didn't want to get out of the car and made an appointment for her to see the school counselor today.

Bring it on.....I think tomorrow I may just wear some fugly outfit and show up to check on her at school....I think I'll make sure I let the twins do my hair.....

I am not allowing her to move in with her father, right now. It probably would be a little easier if I did, but I think she needs to put a little effort into our home and giving it a honest chance. I don't think her dad's place is any better, just different.


Terresa said...

This is a great blog entry! Creative and well writ. Why you don't have more comments/subscribers is beyond me!

don't you love that word "fugly"? I need to use it more often, too, and embarrassing kids is the best. ;)

PS: I'm a MOT (mama of twins), too. Good times!

MOMster said...

I definitely think letting the twins do your hair would be great for your 12 year old. I'd love to see her expression when you walk into her class. Lol.

Abra said...

open a skype account and have her call me! It's easy and free you don't have to have camera. DO IT.