Monday, April 13, 2009

I am still tired...

The alarm didn't go off this morning, but some how I still managed to get myself and the twins and hubby into the car by 7:15 (after waking up at 6:45). We are buying a new alarm clock tonight!

Life is still hectic and I am swimming through the rapids in a boat with paddles, but I feel as though I am not strong enough to paddle at times.

As I mentioned earlier the cat has had her kittens, pictures are to come. I am so glad that we as humans don't get pregnant as often or have as many in our litters as cats. I mean that would mean since Dec. we would have 8 babies under the age of one!!!!!

The twins are active. So active Jonathan and I have decided to find a dance class for them on Saturdays. Anyone that lives in the South end of the Valley (Herriman, Riverton, Draper, Sandy) and knows of a reasonably priced dance studio let me know.

The twins have the scare each other fake sleep thing going on. It's pretty comical except when your in the car and every 30 seconds, someone snores, then the "Roars" and then the other responds in a high pitch "you scared the crap outta me" scream, followed by joined fits of laughter, and then repeated until the car comes to a complete stop in front the destination.

I still need to take Sabrina in to get her immunity work done, however we do not see the ENT for 2 months!!!!

I still need to take Rosie in for her testing before this time next month.

I need to organize my house, hopefully the people downstairs move soon!!! (I like them, I just want to move and get it over with it).

I made my first small profits on Ebay, the next two months should tell more.

I had emergency work done on a molar and have to go back June 15th to finish up.

I found two more jobs I am applying for through the federal government, I also am still waiting to find out if I made the selection for an interview.

I found out I won't be done with PHP for another couple of months, which means I will still get an award or two on Apr 16, but I'll be invited to attend another awards dinner in 4's okay, but I was hoping to meet the deadline!

I never got my sitter this weekend, going to try for this up coming one....any offers?????

I need to get my visiting teaching set up this week.....


Kristina P. said...

There's a dance studio in the same office complex where I work, in Riverton. It's right next door.

I go to work in about an hour, and I will get the name for you.

Myrna said...

Dance lessons will be good for them. You loved them when you were that age! Good discipline, too.

MOMster said...

We do the scaring thing here too. Well, not me, but the kids. :) You sure are braving the rapids, Kelline. You are a busy woman these days! I think a dance class for the girls will be great!